Amud HaYomi

About the Program
Program launches with Brachos 2a
Limud of Daily Amud
7 Amudim weekly
Completion of Shas 

within 15 years
Optional monthly 
bechinos with stipends
Online shiurim platform 
with video and audio
Daily live shiurim and
chaburos worldwide
4 unique levels

resource material

Amud HaYomi
is Ideal For:

Yeshiva Gedolah bachurim (age 18+)
Baalei Batim Anyone wishing to acquire the knowledge of Shas
Bachurim under age 18 can join but cannot receive stipends.
Dirshu’s Amud HaYomi will give every Yid a chance to finish Shas at the consistent pace of an amud a day, with varying levels of depth and iyun. Progress will be measured through a testing program with stipend incentives on 4 learning tracks:
Track 1א
Gemara and Rashi
Track 2א
Gemara, Rashi and Iyun HaAmud
Full stipend for a Balabos and Kollel yungerman learning Amud Hayomi during bein hasedarim. Half stipend for a Kollel yungerman learning Amud Hayomi during seder.
Track 1ב
Gemara, Rashi and Tosafos
Track 2ב
Gemara, Rashi, Tosafos and Iyun HaAmud
Full stipend for learning during seder or bein hasedarim.
All Tracks
Bachurim (age 18+) will receive half stipend.
* Iyun HaAmud’ booklets in tracks 2א and 2ב are the same.
Grades and Stipends
95% - 100%
85% - 94%
80% - 84%
Tracks 1ב1 & א
Tracks 2ב2 & א

Amud HaYomi Testing:

Testing in each of the 4 tracks will consist of 30 questions. In the Iyun HaAmud tracks, 
there will be 23 questions on the Gemara / Gemara with Tosafos, and 7 questions on Iyun HaAmud.
Tests will be administered once a month, together with the other monthly Dirshu tests, at all Dirshu testing sites.
Amud HaYomi Testing Schedule 5784
Test Number
Sunday, Nov. 19
Sunday, Dec. 17
Sunday, Jan. 21
Sunday, Feb. 18
Sunday, Mar. 17
Sunday, Apr. 14
Sunday, May 19
Sunday, Jun. 16
Sunday, Jul. 14
Sunday, Aug. 11
Sunday, Sept. 15
ו' כסלו
ה' טבת
י"א שבט
ט' אדר א
ז' אדר ב
ו' ניסן
י"א אייר
י' סיון
ח' תמוז
ז' אב
י"ב אלול
:ברכות ב. - טז
:ברכות יז. - לא
:ברכות לב. - מו
:ברכות מז. - סא
.ברכות סב. - שבת יד
.שבת יד: - כט
.שבת כט: - מד
.שבת מד: - נט
.שבת נט: - עד
:שבת עד: - פח
:שבת פט. - קג
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As Klal Yisrael celebrates the 100th 
anniversary of the Daf HaYomi...

...and reaches the halfway mark of its 13th cycle, Dirshu is pleased to present a unique learning and chazarah opportunity: the Amud HaYomi program.

This historic initiative will enable deeper comprehension of the Daf, utilizing Dirshu’s proven retention and accountability methods through bechinos and stipends.

With its focus on half a blatt per day, Amud HaYomi represents a new opportunity to methodically and comprehensively master Shas with bekius or light iyun, or to enrich the scope of one’s knowledge with slower-paced chazarah b’iyun.
Endorsed by Gedolim


Frequently Asked Questions
Amud HaYomi is ideal for avreichim, Yeshiva Gedolah bachurim (age 18+), baalei batim, and anyone wishing to acquire the knowledge of Shas. Bachurim under age 18 can join but cannot receive stipends.
To join please call 732-987-3948 ext 105, email, or apply online here.
Amud Hayomi learns an amud a day 7 days a weerk totaling 7 amudim a week or 3 ½ dafim.
With Amud Hayomi, learning an amud a day, finishing the whole Shas should take about 15 years.
Yes, there are many shiurim all over America that anyone can join. To view the list of shiurim click here.
Yes, shiurim are available to listen to over the phone. To access shiurim by phone call, call Kol Halashon at (718) 521-5231 or Dirshu's Yiddish hotline at (212) 666-2800.
Shiurim are available online here on, or on the AllDaf and TorahAnytime platforms. New shiurim are being added all the time!
If one takes the tests on Amud Hayomi, and scores 80% or higher, he is eligible to receive a stipend. To learn more, go to About Amud HaYomi.
No, taking tests are not mandatory to join Amud Hayomi. However, taking tests on material that one learns is a proven way to retain what one learns, and helps one learn more efficiently.
There are Dirshu test sites all over America. To see the test sites list click here.

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